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Dr. Sage's 4th Birthday

Today is Sage's 4th birthday!!  I cannot believe that I am a mother to such a smart and tenacious little girl!

Her past birthdays have been quite the extravaganza!  Do you all remember her 1st birthday in which we called it Sage's 1st Sail-ebration? →
Cake by La Promenade, Tenafly, NJ

Her 2nd birthday was spent at Windchaser Villas inTurks & Caicos.  Three generations of family, great food, private pool, walking distance to the beach, made it quite the memorable getaway!

Cake and cupcakes by From Scratch, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands
For more information about the villas →

Her 3rd birthday was spent at The Bubble Show, but guess what?  She was called onto the stage for for the finale!  She was so adorable!

And now for her 4th birthday, we had a Doc McStuffins party for her and her schoolmates! From the edible cookies and paint, pizza, and Doc McStuffins herself, fun wa…

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