Happy Valentine's Day

So...ok, it's not really Valentine's Day.  I usually prefer the same thing each year from my husband (ie. Mr. Man)...a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

I wanted to make him something at home this year but Mr. Man wanted me to enjoy my time off from the hospital.  He is in residency as well, and unfortunately, we live apart.  Before I started my residency, I was blessed to live less than 5 minutes away from Whole Foods Market.  Since he has long days in surgery, cooking was my way of passing the time, but who knew I would find so much pleasure in it.  Add some music in the background, and I would lose myself for hours.  I don't follow recipes word for word, and I usually add some traditional aspects I gained from my mother.  I also don't like to follow detailed measurements, so I usually add a dab of salt, or a dab of pepper, and a little dab of garlic powder haha! I do, however, write down my grocery list...so we'll start from there!

Oh, and as far as my pictures...I have images saved from my old Blackberry and I am now using my iPhone.  Come on...I am working on a resident's salary haha!  One day I will have a professional camera...a girl can dream!


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