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Clams in a Creamy White Wine and Butter Sauce

After my delicious seafood galore boil, I have definitely been on a "seafood kick" lately.  My weekly trip to Wegmans  ended up with me purchasing a bundle of fresh littleneck clams, along with sourdough bread, heavy cream, green onions, and chicken broth. After cleaning the clams, I placed them in a clear bowl with cold fresh water for 20 minutes.  As the clams breathe, they filter water.  When the fresh water is filtered, the clams push sand out of their shells!  We don't want any sand in our food, right? In a large pot (my favorite Le Creuset in Caribbean blue ), I sauteed minced garlic and green onions in some butter... After they softened, I added the clams and cooked for another 5 minutes... I added 2 cups of low sodium chicken broth and approximately 1  1/2 cups of my favorite white wine... I brought everything to a boil, and then I reduced to a rolling simmer until the clams opened up.  I also added a

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