Tangerine - Jalapeño Margarita

I mostly stick with food on my blog, but I couldn't resist preparing a cocktail after the bouts of warm weather we have been experiencing on the East Coast.  Since I was making lamb chops, mini-burgers, salad (coming soon to the blog), and lobster, I thought a great cocktail should accompany the meal.

While grocery shopping with my daughter and mother in-law, I thought "tequila." LOL! Just kidding...I love grocery shopping and it's even more fun with company! I really wanted a good bottle of mezcal, but since I was in a crunch, I picked up a good ol' bottle of tequila.  I also wanted some blood oranges but they were not available.  Fortunately, I saw some beautifully fragrant tangerines!  


2 whole tangerines
1 lime
1 oz. simple syrup
4 oz. of your favorite tequila
optional: cayenne or sea salt rim


1.  Cut blood tangerines and limes in half and juice.  Set the liquid aside.
2.  Place a few slices of jalapeño in a cocktail shaker and muddle.  The more you add, your drink may become too hot.
3.  Add tangerine and lime juice to the cocktail shaker.
4.  Add the simple syrup to the shaker.
5.  Add some ice and shake until it is well chilled.
6.  Pour into desired glasses.
7.  Garnish with thinly sliced tangerines and jalapeños.
8.  Enjoy!

Side Note:  My favorite tequila was discovered at a pizza and wine pairing in the city...it was Cinco de Mayo!  It was delicious!


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