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Beer Battered Cauliflower Bites

I had a whole head of cauliflower in my fridge for a few days, and I was unsure on how to prepare this versatile vegetable.  I was drinking a beer after a full day of studying, and I had a "light bulb moment."  I have used beer batter in the past to prepare shrimp with a sriracha sauce, as well as chicken.

Why not cauliflower?!?  The flavor profile may be interesting....

I chopped the cauliflower roughly and put the florets in a pot filled with hot salted water...

I mixed a half bottle of one of my favorite wheat beers with some flour...

I removed the cauliflower florets from the boiling water to blanch in ice cold water.  I dried each floret with a paper towel, and then dumped them in my beer batter.  In a medium-hot frying pan filled with vegetable oil, I quickly fried each floret.  After removing from the hot oil, I sprinkled the cauliflower bites with sea salt.  So simple!

Enjoy!  What is your favorite beer?